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If your brakes are squeaking or not working properly, let our auto repair experts handle your automotive issue today. We replace and repair brakes for all make and model vehicles. Don't wait on brake repair! Keep you and everyone on the road safe. Call for an estimate today.

Steering and Suspension

The vehicle's suspension system is what makes your driving steady and smooth. When a suspension system is not working correctly it can cause heavy wear and tear on your tires. County Route Repairs, Inc. inspects all of the following suspension system parts: Struts, Springs, Shock Absorbers, Control Arms and Ball Joints. Part of this inspection can result in a wheel alignment for better driving and durability to your suspension system.


Tires are bound to wear down and bald. Old tires can be very dangerous in bad weather or when driving at high speeds. Contact our professionals to take a look at the condition of your tires.

Oil Change

Oil and filter changes is one of the best ways to keep your car running for many years. All makes and models of vehicles are different, which means oil and filter changes may be different. County Route Repairs will look up your vehicle's maintenance schedule, and recommend services needed to protect your vehicle and maintain its efficiency and extend its life.

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems are more than just a muffler that helps reduce noise. It's a series of piping that keeps toxic fumes away from the inside of the vehicle. It also helps decrease pollutants that can harm our environment. Unless your exhaust system is up to NYS standards, you won't be able to pass a New York State Inspection.

NYS Inspection

There are quite a few different reasons for an inspection. Maintaining a reliable vehicle, preparing for a long road trip, getting ready for the upcoming season or just making sure your car is in good condition. As part of a modern inspections County Route Repairs, Inc. offers complete inspection services. Our vehicle inspection includes: Batteries, Emissions, Engine, Fuel System, Ignitions and Power Control.

Heating and AC Repair

Are you having an issue with your car's heater or air conditioner? Is it not working properly? With our AC and heating repairs we can make your driving experience more comfortable no matter what time of year it is.


Bad alternators, misfiring starters and dead batteries will keep your car from running or cause other parts in your vehicle to fail. Are your power windows, radio, lights or dash interface not working right? We repair all aspects of vehicle electrical issues.

Auto Repair & Service:Computer Diagnostics

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